Since today only for Premium-Members!

Hello dear visitors of this website.

Music-DL is since today only available for Premium-Members.

It is a pity that there are idiots like "Orion666" who pull everything (and we really mean everything!) and distribute it on other pages and boards.

Building a new page is not possible if you have such visitors.
Warez or not. It's no fun to rip and scan things if they're spread out within a few hours.

We really wanted to offer you something different. At the beginning we also tried to offer rare things that are hardly found on the internet (for example Shop24-CDs or Premium-CDs with complete DVD). We also had HQ covers on offer, and scanning them is really work.

It did not help to write to the persons if they would even omit it. Quite the opposite was the case. It was silly turned on.

So it makes no sense and we uploaders stay with us.

As mentioned: Thank you especially "Orion666" (So his name on myGully).

No offense ;)
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